Why I Started Queenoftheyoni

It all started September 2018 when I went for my annual checkup. When I went to the doctor everything was fine until it was time to go for my ultrasound. She starts the ultrasound and I immediately felt lumps.
I knew something was wrong she looked up at me and told me to wait for the doctor. I patiently went for my OBGYN to arrive. She went over my ultrasound and kindly told me I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was confused, I didn’t know how this happened. I asked her how? I got off the depo shot 5 months ago and was awaiting my period.
The doctor then explain PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is when a chain cyst are wrapped around your fallopian tubes. This syndrome will cause you to have irregular periods, facial hair, hormonal acne and sadly infertility. I was devastated, I was only 26 and wanted to have more children one day.
I questioned her and demand answers, I couldn’t believe I was diagnosed with PCOS. I explained I was on the depo shot for over a year “could it be the birth control backed up in my system?” She told me it’s not the depo shot and that I have PCOS and I could only regulate my cycle with birth control.
I refused and I decided to choose holistic medicine to heal my womb. I found a company called Yoni Pearls, I have used this company before in the past for yeast infections. I knew this was the only way to heal my body. So I decided to order their PCOS kit. I received 6 Yoni Pearl cleanses and 10 V steams.
After 4 cleanses and 5 steams I received my cycle back. I was overjoyed I haven’t had my period in an entire year. I knew I was able to get pregnant because I was ovulating month.
Three months later I went back to the doctor and got an updated ultrasound. The doctor checked my womb and notice their were nothing around me tubes. She was so shocked, I asked her if I still had PCOS, she look at my confused she said what are you talking about?
She told me that it was nothing there and I was healthy.
That’s when I decided to start my feminine wellness company. I wanted to help other women treat and heal their womb and become the Queenoftheyoni just like me. With issues such as PCOS , Fibroids , Cyst, Endometriosis, PID, BV, Yeast infections, Birth control detox, Vaginal tightening, Vaginal dryness and so much more!

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