Yoni Steam FAQ

1. What is V Steaming? Vaginal steaming is a natural remedy for cleansing the female reproductive organs, including the vagina, the crevice and the uterus. This self love treatment as been around since ancient times. The warmth of the medicinal herbs are absorbed and circulated into the reproductive system where they help to stimulate healing, cleansing, detoxing, nourish the vagina and cleanse old residue in the vaginal canal and womb. It is used for medical and healing purposes. It provides gentle & effective support for women's wellness.


2. Why does my doctor not recommend Steaming? V Steaming is an ancient herbal and holistic practice. With that being said, medically trained doctors are usual not trained or interested in herbal holistic practices.


3. Who should V Steam?  We recommend  every goddess to steam. Most women are likely to see great benefits from the  goddess steam. if you suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, menstrual cramps, infertility, uterine fibroid, perennial tears, yeast infections, vaginal or ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids, had an hysterectomy and more. If you don’t have any of these issues. We all  suggest you steam to health invoke your inner goddess.  V steaming can also be used to soothe, relieve stress and a weekly spa treatment in the comfort of your home.


4. Can I add  oils to my V Steam? No, we do not recommend using essential oils in your V steam.


5. How often should I steam? Do not to V Steam more than 3 times per month and never V Steam while menstruating.  To help relieve menstruated cramps and bloating we suggest you steam once week before your period starts.


6. What if I’m trying to conceive, how much times should I steam?  We suggest you steam 1-2 a week to help with ovulation.


7. How long after having a baby, miscarriage or an abortion should I wait before V Steaming? We recommend waiting at least 6 weeks, once your follow up appointment is clear you can start steaming once every other week.


8. Can I steam if I have an IUD? No, we don’t suggest that you steam. Steaming can cause dislocate of the IUD because of the strong nature of the herbs.


9. Can V Steaming cause me to get a yeast infection? No, There is a 1% chance of you experiencing a yeast infection. This can happen because the herbs may change your PH balance.


10. Can I use the V Steam and Yoni Detox Pearls at the same time? No, you can not. Read the question above to see the time frame needed when using each product.


11.  Can I V Steam if I am breastfeeding? No


11. I'm trying to conceive, when should I V Steam? If you are trying to conceive, We recommend you can steam during the time right before your period and right after your period has ended. Do not steam once ovulation begins. Steaming during ovulation can interfere with the sperm, fertilization or implantation.


12. Can I V Steam while menstruating or spotting? Steaming while bleeding is not recommended because the herbs in our V steam promote blood flow in the uterus and that can cause heavy bleeding if you are already on your menstrual cycle. Steaming can be done at least 2-3 days before your menstrual cycle.


13. I have  heavy bleeding, Can I V Steam? If you experience heavy bleeding? Steaming is certainly not recommended. We suggest you wait till the bleeding is under control before steaming.


14. Can I V Steam if I've had a hysterectomy? Yes, we  recommenced partial of full hysterectomy. You can steam after you've had a partial or full hysterectomy. Most women experience dryness and irritation after a hysterectomy, steaming can help with that. 


15. Can I V Steam after I've entered into menopause? their are many changes happening to the body as you enter menopause. The decrease and loss of estrogen can cause vaginal dryness and irritation and decreased sex drive. V Steaming can help to treat moisture levels and the herbs can have a restorative  effect on the body.


16. Is steaming unisex? Yes, men can steam as well. Steaming of the reproductive system can increase the blood flow of the flesh. Their are many benefits men can experience such as increase in fertility, lack of movement and pelvic conditions.


17. Can V steaming be used to ease hemorrhoids? Yes, it can. Steaming will hell reduce the inflammation and pain caused from the hemorrhoids.


18. They say that the vagina is "self-cleansing” why should I steam? The vagina is self-cleaning. But the vagina can’t heal itself. The womb just like any other organ needs self love to heal and cleanse from impurities. That is where V Steaming can help. Plus it promotes self care is a great stress reliever and smells amazing.


19.   I have an active STD, can I still steam? We suggest that you oh do not steam with an active STD. We don’t recommended because their may be open wounds, blisters and tears. But we don’t suggest steaming after an STD. It can be very beneficial to the body to help heal tissue, and reduce inflammation.   


20. Can my teenage daughter steam? Absolutely! I stand behind empowering and teaching our young women how to honor and care for their bodies at an early age. In my experience, it is far easier to teach steaming as a beneficial self-care modality to a young person.


21.I have the Goddess Steam and Detox Pearls, which one should I use first? Use the one that you are more drawn to her first. If you use the goddess steam first. It is recommend to wait 3-5 before steaming. If you use the Goddess steam first you can steam within 48 hours.